Cyclists stop traffic for minute ‘to get noticed’

Cyclists stop traffic for minute ‘to get noticed’

Cyclists stop traffic for minute ‘to get noticed’

In an effort to bring attention to the road safety of cyclists, who often become victims of accidents due to drivers’ negligence on the roads, members of a cyclist club in the Black Sea province of Düzce held a demonstration by lying on the asphalt floor and stopping traffic on a busy road for a minute “to get noticed.”

Some 20 cyclists unfurled banners, saying, “Don’t touch my bike,” “My hood is my body,” and “Recognize me” on Kuyumcuzade Boulevard.

Düzce Cycling Club President Birol Aksu stated that cyclists are often ignored or neglected on the roads.

“We wanted to attract the attention of everyone in traffic about cycling. Cycling culture has not yet emerged in traffic. They don’t see us in traffic, and they don’t care much. This is why injuries and deaths occur,” Aksu stated.

“We wanted to raise awareness about this situation. Everyone should take this action into consideration. We opened the road after closing it for a short time. They really need to see us in traffic,” he added.

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