CRR to host violinists during a mini festival

CRR to host violinists during a mini festival

CRR to host violinists during a mini festival

Violins from 400 years ago will be displayed at an exhibition that will open within the scope of the festival.

Istanbul’s Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall is organizing the “World’s Violins Festival” under the coordination of Turkey’s world famous artist Cihat Aşkın. The festival will bring together academics and artists between Feb. 19 and 21.

During the festival, the reasons why the violin is loved so much will be discussed, while 400-year-old violins will also be displayed and famous violinists will give courses to young violinists.

World’s violins

The festival will open tomorrow at 5 p.m. with the exhibition “World’s Violins.” The event will be attended by violin restorer, producer and collector Avshalom and Amnon Weinstein, family members of the one of the world’s best bow instrument producers. Their historical violins will be displayed in the exhibition.

Following the exhibition opening, the young violinists of Cihat Aşkın ve Küçük Arkadaşları (Cihat Aşkın and His Little Friends - CAKA), which was formed by Aşkın in 2001, will give a concert. The same night will feature CAKA Stars concert.

The second day of the festival violin trainer Rodney Friend will give a “masterclass” education. Later on Friend, Amnon Weinstein, Şenol Aydın, Aşkın and Hakan Şensoy will hold a talk on the significance of the violin. The festival will end on Feb. 21 with the “Four Seasons in Istanbul and the World’s Violins” concert.