‘Crazy Turk’ shares his memories in new book

‘Crazy Turk’ shares his memories in new book

İZMİR - Doğan News Agency
‘Crazy Turk’ shares his memories in new book

In his book, Özkan Gülkaynak offers detailed information about maritime culture along with photos from different countries. ‘I want to focus on life at sea,’ he says. DHA photo

A Turk who sailed around the world without the aid of any electronic or technological devices has released a new book written about his experiences on the high sea.

Özkan Gülkaynak, better known as the “Crazy Turk,” fulfilled his life’s dream of touring the world on board his boat “Kayıtsız III” and is now sharing his memories of the three-year trip with his new book.

The book, “On the East Side of the Route to Freedom,” contains 1,400 images, more than 50 maps and has gained the appreciation of the sea lovers.

“My book about my journey is the most detailed and broad book on the sea,” Gülkaynak told Doğan news agency. “My book is an original one. I did not write this book with an attempt to earn money, and I can say I did not write this book out of commercial concerns.”

Gülkaynak started his journey at Pasaport Pier on İzmir Pier on July 1, 2006, and returned to the same spot on the same day in 2009. Gülkaynak said people in the countries he visited called him the “Crazy Turk.” His book is comprised of memories and experiences from his journey.

The book was released on Oct. 1. Gülkaynak, who chose not to use a publishing house but instead sold his book on his website, www.kayitsiz.com, and via the Piri Reis Maritime Association, has sold a total of 700 copies so far.

His passion for the sea started when he was a child, he said, adding that he grew up reading books about the sea.

Gülkaynak said his book was a gift to Turkish maritime culture. “I would like to be a role model for children and young people,” he added.

“Those who read the book will have the chance to learn about navigation drawings, nature, maritime terminology and how to use a wind swindle and so on,” he said.

The readers of the book will also have the opportunity to see photographs from 40 different countries.

Gülkaynak said he did not write the book for self-promotion or as a personal memoir. “I wrote about my experiences which affected me during the formation of maritime selfhood. I also wanted to focus on life at sea,” he added.

When people look at the earth from the sea, they see better the damage that has been caused to the planet, he said. “That’s why we need to protect what is left, instead of destroying it. The journey led me to think about this matter and I wanted to write about this concept for everyone to read.”

Gülkaynak said everyone had an aim in life and added that his only aim was to travel the world by boat. “I achieved this. The name of the book refers to my aim. I named it after people who can fulfill their own dreams.”

Available at www.kayitsiz.com, the book costs 85 Turkish Liras. Gülkaynak said he would spend his earnings from the book on future projects and other books about the sea.

Another of the writer’s aims is to open a maritime school providing information about marine life and nature conservation