Countdown starts for Istanbul Shopping Fest

Countdown starts for Istanbul Shopping Fest

Countdown starts for Istanbul Shopping Fest The Istanbul Shopping Fest (ISF), which was initiated seven years ago to make the city a shopping destination and a center of attraction, will be organized between July 1 and 16. 

The event will provide the joy of modern and traditional shopping with Design ISF pavilions that will be set up in malls and close to the Grand Bazaar. 

At a press conference held on June 13, Istanbul Trade Chamber (İTO) Chairman İbrahim Çağlar said the festival had been organized since 2011 and had become a global brand. 

He said the event had grown in strength with the collaboration of many organizations in Istanbul, adding that they would also give place to art and design activities this year in the festival. 

“People come to Istanbul not only for shopping but also to see the city’s culture and arts. There will be different designs here. Competitions will be organized to choose the best designs. An award will be given by the Registered Brands Association. All events will be organized in nine shopping malls. The event will host nearly 200 Turkish and foreign designers, some 15 artists and their exhibitions, some 150 workshops and talks and more than 30 music and dance performances,” he said. 

The number of participants was low because of the July 15, 2016, coup attempt last year, Çağlar said, but noted that they expected a strong increase in the number of participants this year.

He said all events would be organized in malls in order to be more organized but that the impact of the event would be seen on the streets. 

ISF increased by 20 percent every year 

Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbaş said they were working for the city to acquire the place it deserves in the world. 
“TSF increased by 20 percent and more every year. Its trade volume increased 48 percent in 2015. We believe that 2017 will be better,” Topbaş said.

Topbaş said Istanbul provided everything that a modern city should have. “Istanbul includes a basin of $20 trillion within a four-hour flight distance. When the third airport is opened, I believe that a very different Istanbul will be opened to the world. We want Istanbul to be a city of tourism fairs, fashion shows, sporting matches, health tourism and congresses.”

He also said they may include the Orient Express in the festival with the development of railway transportation in Istanbul. 


Visitors to the ISF will have the chance to attend various events from exhibitions to talks, concerts and installations. 

The Design ISF areas to be set up at the Akasya, Capitol, Emaar Square, Forum İstanbul, İstinye Park, Kanyon, Palladium, Venezia Mega Outlet and Zorlu Center malls will present design and arts as well as shopping to visitors. 

Exhibitions will be opened by artists including Günseli Kato, Malik Bulut, Yılmaz Kale, Ebru Yücel Kale, Tasarım Vakfı, Elif Tutka, Ömer Atakan, Yusuf Aygeç, Aynur Önürmen and Rüstem Ekici. 

The Uninvited Jazz Band, Tango Rojo, Can Türkkan, Arbil Çelen, Jülide Hatay, Deniz Güngör and Ali Deniz Kardelen will perform dance and music performances. Rudolf Van Nunen, Sare Palaska, Aslı Bilgin, Nilay Yılmaz, Sevil Dolmacı, Tolga Gümüşay, Çiğdem Gündeş, Funda Özlem Şeran and Masalcı Anne will be among those who will provide workshops. 

The center of attention during the ISF will be the Grand Bazaar. Masters and young artists will come together there to organize talks, exhibitions and concerts.