Countdown for Int'l Migration Film Festival

Countdown for Int'l Migration Film Festival

ISTANBUL- Anadolu Agency
Countdown for Intl Migration Film Festival

Turkey's International Migration Film Festival will start on June 14. 

The opening and closing ceremonies of the festival will be held in a real-time 3D virtual studio which offers the closest image to a photo reality.

So for the first time in the world, an international event will meet the audience with "augmented reality."

The opening of the festival will be held at the historical Mecidiye Inn of the southeastern Gaziantep province, which will be created virtually with "augmented reality" technology.

The event will close with on a virtual stage created by the digital blending of Stonehenge Monument in England and Göbeklitepe archaeological site in Turkey.

Films that will compete in three categories- International Feature Film, UNICEF International Short Film and The Same Boat Short Film- will be introduced in the program.

Also, an Oscar-winning actor or actress will receive an Honor Award and another will receive an Unlimited Kindness Award in the ceremony.

The festival aims to stress that "migration has been a common story experienced by all nations throughout history" and to raise awareness on the issue, according to organizers.

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