Contemporary Istanbul set to kick off in iconic shipyard

Contemporary Istanbul set to kick off in iconic shipyard

Contemporary Istanbul set to kick off in iconic shipyard

Contemporary Istanbul, Turkey’s leading art fair and the first international art event since the city went into lockdown, is set to kick off today in a significant new location, Tersane Istanbul, a venue that is expected to become one of the new landmarks of the Turkish metropolis.

The fair will bring contemporary art to one of Istanbul’s most important heritage sites, following a major regeneration project to breathe new life into the historic Haliç Shipyard and the Golden Horn district.

Launching the city’s autumn art season, the event will bring together galleries from around the world to highlight the dynamic contemporary art scene that has risen out of Istanbul in recent decades, with the main sponsorship of private lender Akbank.

Ali Güreli, chair of the board of Contemporary Istanbul, stated that they are preparing to express the historical importance of the Golden Horn and its contribution to culture together with contemporary art.

He announced that they have started their second 15 years with this venue change in the 16th year of Contemporary Istanbul.

“We can consider this not as a mere change of venue, but as the first step of the goals we set for ourselves as Contemporary Istanbul,” he said.

“In this city where history shines in every field, Tersane Istanbul played an active role in the Byzantine and Ottoman periods,” he noted, adding that they are proud to bring together artists, galleries and visitors with culture and art at this meeting point now.

Tersane Istanbul will host 57 galleries and institutions, artists, collectors, international press and art lovers in 9,500 square meters of indoor and 10,000 square meters of outdoor space at the event.

Akbank Chair Suzan Sabancı Dinçer, who attended the meeting via videoconference from the U.S., said Contemporary Istanbul is a very important art meeting for Turkey and Istanbul.

She noted that the event is also a very important project that represents Turkish artists abroad in a high quality and well manner.

“The fair will be held in Shipyard Istanbul, which has been completely restored this year and where the past meets the modern. I believe that Contemporary Istanbul, heralding the beginning of the art season in Istanbul, will further fuel our city’s dynamic contemporary art scene,” she said.