Conjoined Cameroonian twin sisters separated in Istanbul

Conjoined Cameroonian twin sisters separated in Istanbul

Conjoined Cameroonian twin sisters separated in Istanbul

Cameroonian conjoined twin sisters Elizabeth and Mary Akwe have been successfully separated by Turkish doctors in Istanbul, the hospital where the operation took place announced on Nov. 3.

Brought to Turkey on the initiative of the Cameroonian Presidency, the twins were separated by a team led by doctors Burak Tander, Memet Özek, Hakan Ağır, Serpil Ustalar Özgen, and Agop Çıtak, Acıbadem Altunizade Hospital said in a statement.

Following the initial preparations and works, Elizabeth and Mary, were successfully separated as result of 27-hours long operation that involved many specialist doctors and medical professionals following seven-month multidisciplinary treatment process.

After the operation, Richard Akwe, the twins’ father, related their past sorrow at the pain their children suffered due to their condition and their inability to move freely, saying they constantly cried while being breastfed.

Their mother, Anne Caroline, said that though it was hard, she persevered in breastfeeding her daughters for a year, saying that the family never lost hope.

She said their dream came true thanks to the efforts and success of the Turkish doctors, expressing her joy and gratitude.