Conference, concert in Turkish embassy

Conference, concert in Turkish embassy

LONDON - Anatolia News Agency
Conference, concert in Turkish embassy

Turkish music historian Emre Aracı (L) speaks on British composer Edward Elgar’s visit to Turkey during an event held at Turkish Embassy in London.

Turkish music historian, orchestra conductor and composer Dr. Emre Aracı, who has been living in Britain for 25 years, gave a concert and conference on British composer Sir Edward Elgar’s visit to Turkey on June 21.

The event, hosted by Ambassador Ünal Çeviköz and his wife Emel Çeviköz, took place in the residence of the Turkish Embassy in London. Prince Andrew the Duke of York attended the event along with guests from the Ottoman dynasty.

Aracı, who conducts research on European music in the Ottoman Empire, said he had prepared for the conference and the concert by reading Elgar’s anecdotes from his visit to Istanbul and İzmir in 1905.
He said that Elgar’s visit to Turkey was known in music circles. “What is most interesting for us is that he has a piano composition titled ‘Smyrna’, which means İzmir. The work had been inspired by his feelings during a visit to a dervish lodge in the city.”

Pianist Donat Bayer Berköz performed Elgar’s “Smyrna” at the reception. Also, mezzo soprano Clare Presland and violinist Emre Engin took the stage during the event.