Communicating the Museum 2015 in Istanbul

Communicating the Museum 2015 in Istanbul

Communicating the Museum 2015 in Istanbul The 15th “Communicating the Museum,” the world’s leading conference in museum communications, has started in Istanbul’s Hagie Eirene Museum.

Widely recognized as the world leader in museum communication conferences, the event is a crucial opportunity for participants from Europe, the Middle East, Australia and the United States to meet, exchange ideas, be inspired, captivated and updated on current trends.

The event has previously been hosted in New York, Madrid, Stockholm and Sydney.

The theme of the conference is “contemporary.” The conference program includes speakers from a range of backgrounds, such as international museum directors and communications specialists, as well as high-profile leaders in technology, business, branding and the creative industry who provide a wider perspective on communications trends in non-arts sectors.

Communicating the Museum was founded in 2000 by Corinne Estrada, CEO of communications agency Agenda in Paris, and Damien Whitmore, at the time director of communications at the Tate. 

Until Sept. 12, the event will host 36 workshops as well as special visits to the city’s most important museums and culture centers such as the Istanbul Modern, SALT, Pera Museum, the Museum of Innocence and SPOT Project.