Cobra 2 on duty for Turkish border security

Cobra 2 on duty for Turkish border security

Cobra 2 on duty for Turkish border security The Turkish military has started to use domestically produced “Cobra 2” armored vehicles as part of its technological border security assets, patrolling alongside the under-construction security wall on the border with Syria. 

Cobra 2, used for early warnings as well as for patrol, has new entered into Turkish Armed Forces inventory. A radar system, target detection system, and thermal camera system is integrated to the vehicle, which can carry nine people.   

The cameras on Cobra 2 automatically focus on mobility that the radar can detect within a 10-kilometer range.

A radar and thermal camera operator is also working in the vehicle, with the thermal camera having a 4-km range and the normal camera having a 3-km range. 

The Cobra 2, which is capable of a maximum speed of 110 km/h, is designed as a new model Cobra tactical wheeled armored vehicle, which the Turkish Armed Forces have long used especially in the fight against terrorism. It provides protection, firepower, mission equipment and performance in a wide range of challenging terrains and climatic conditions.

The Turkish military has purchased a total of 82 Cobra 2 vehicles from manufacturer Otokar.