Classic play focuses on polygamy

Classic play focuses on polygamy

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Classic play focuses on polygamy

The play, which sets during the late-Ottoman Empire, focuses on the polygamy cultural relations and intolerance. AA Photo

Musahipzade Celal’s classic 1928 play “Behind the Cage,” which tells the story of a polygamous man during Ottoman times, has been adapted to the modern era and will be staged at the Altındağ Theater in Ankara.

The play is set during the late-Ottoman Empire and focuses on the cultural relations, intolerance and ethical problems of the society. It takes all these questions and deals with them in an ironic way, while also having musical features.

The play tells the story of a man, Hacı Davut, who has 16 wives. Out of these 16 wives, 13 die and Hacı Davut has to stay with his three wives and before searching for more.

The focus of the play

Davut keeps his views in a cage for years and people in society hate him. People see him as a man who lets his wives die.

The three remaining women try to take revenge on him.

The play, a classical early Turkish play, will be staged by Münir Canar.

The play will also feature: İsmet Numanoğlu, Caner Gezener, Cengiz Uzun, Özgür Öztürk, Ergin Özdemir, Teoman Gülen, Özgür Cengiz, Tunç Yıldırım, Ulaş Ersoy, Pervin Ünal, Selma Bayraktargil, Eda Aydınlı, Eylül Aktürk, Rıza Eliaçık, Savaş Tamer, Erdal Karakurt, Özgür Günay, İbrahim Korumaz, Burak Aksoy, Petek Ocakçı, Ayça Korumaz, Semra Morgil, Eda Hakoğlu, Figen Özdemir, Korhan Enis Yavuz, Mehmet Tolga Günay and Suzan Arslan.