Cittaslow Perşembe district aims to be tourism hotspot

Cittaslow Perşembe district aims to be tourism hotspot

ORDU – Demirören News Agency
Cittaslow Perşembe district aims to be tourism hotspot

The district of Perşembe in the Black Sea province of Ordu, in the network of slow cities “cittaslow” since 2012, draws the attention of local and foreign tourists, and now local officials are vying to make it a tourism hotspot.

The district is home to three popular sightseeing spots.

One is Hoynat Island, one of the places in the world where European shags rarely make nests. The island is also well-known for bird watching.

Another must-see place is Cape Yason, where the legend of the “Golden Fleece” in Greek mythology is believed to have taken place.

The third is Crocodile Island, named after the animal because its shape resembles one.

Apart from these regions, Mustafa Sayım Tandoğan, the mayor of Perşembe, also wants to draw attention to natural beauties like centuries-old trees and waterfalls in the rural areas of the district.

“We are working on plans to promote tourism in the region,” said the mayor, adding that their priority must be high-quality roads.

“We have made roads with concrete in these rural neighborhoods, but we need high standard roads so that tourists can easily come to visit these places,” added Tandoğan.

Cittaslow is an international union of municipalities which was formed in 1999 in Italy as a reaction to globalization.

The word is made up of two words, the Italian “citta” (city) and English “slow.”