Cihangir’s stray animals find new homes

Cihangir’s stray animals find new homes

Cihangir’s stray animals find new homes

Many stray animals living in the animal shelter established in Istanbul’s Cihangir Park by the Beyoğlu Municipality found new homes during an event held on April 4 for World Stray Animals Day. 

Beyoğlu Mayor Misbah Demircan and famous Turkish celebrities, including singers Yusuf Güney and Leman Sam and actress Duygu Yetiş, joined the event with many other people to give the message “adopt, don’t shop.” 

“Many cats and dogs are abandoned and shelters are full enough. They should be adopted rather than bought from pet shops. I adopted a stray dog one month ago. People generally want to own pedigrees but the stray ones know how to thank you when you bring them home,” said Yetiş. 

Demircan adopted a cat and a dog at the event. 

“Cihangir is famous for its cats. There are many people here who take care of animals with love. We carry out our work for stray cats and dogs. We call on people here not to be selfish. We are all part of this universe. We should protect all living creatures. They have an important place in the ecological balance,” he said.

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