Çiçek warns over rows in Parliament

Çiçek warns over rows in Parliament

BOLU - Anatolia News Agency
Çiçek warns over rows in Parliament

Çiçek says quarrel scenes in Parliament may give a sense of pessimism. AA photo

Speaker of Parliament Cemil Çiçek issued a fresh warning yesterday that rows in Parliament could deepen a sense of pessimism about the likelihood of success in the constitution-making process.

“The scenes of quarrel in Parliament are strengthening the hand of those who are trying to inject pessimism. We must pay attention to containing this climate. Otherwise, those who do not want a new constitution will gain ground,” Çiçek said at the Abant meetings in Bolu. Such fights in Parliament could make citizens doubt deputies are capable of a compromise in drafting the new constitution, he added.
He urged civil society not only to participate in the process, but to also monitor the four parties involved in the constitution-making commission and keep a record of their conduct. “Society must bear witness to the process this time. It is not enough for the public to participate, they must also monitor us.”

Çiçek also denounced those who introduce their views with “conditions and strong language,” as he stressed the need for flexibility and goodwill.