CHP says ‘no’ to charter changes for the future of Turkey’s children: CHP deputy leader

CHP says ‘no’ to charter changes for the future of Turkey’s children: CHP deputy leader

CHP says ‘no’ to charter changes for the future of Turkey’s children: CHP deputy leader

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One of the main reasons why the Republican People’s Party (CHP) will vote against constitutional amendments is to provide a better future for Turkey’s children, a senior party member has said, noting that the placard they will use will feature an Anatolian girl embracing the entire country. 

“Our children have a very simple demand from us, from all citizens and voters. They want the ‘no’ vote for their future and the future of Turkey. This is a very innocent demand,” CHP deputy leader Tekin Bingöl told reporters in a press conference on March 1. 

Bingöl introduced the official logo and the placards the party is set to use during campaigns for the referendum, which is slated to take place on April 16, when Turkey will decide if the current parliamentary system should be changed into an executive presidency. 

He said the referendum was not a race between political parties, which is why the CHP refuses to carry flags and party emblems in rallies. 

“This innocent girl is representing all of us, embracing Anatolia, all citizens and families. Every family will resonate with this girl. Our kids that are representing our future have a naive demand from us,” he said about the main face of their campaign.  

The party’s “no” logo features a girl and a colorful sun which symbolizes hope, comfort and light, Bingöl said. “What we want is that the sun shines on us and its heat always warms our country. We believe our children’s innocent demands will be taken into consideration,” he said.

According to Bingöl, the public liked the party’s logo and slogans, adding that they implied a message of conducting a peaceful campaign process. He said the entire party organization including its former lawmakers and officials will also join them until April 16. 

CHP leader begins campaigns in Amasya

Bingöl told the press that CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu is set to travel to some provinces to campaign but has not given a detailed program yet, adding that he will hold an event in the Central Anatolian province of Amasya, however is uncertain if he will commence campaigns there.  

“We had already decided to launch one of the important phases of our campaign in Amasya. We realize that some other parties did also decide on the same thing. That shows that it was the right decision to make,” he said.