Choir members performing for 20 years together

Choir members performing for 20 years together

Choir members performing for 20 years together


The Sevda-Cenap And Music Foundation Women’s Choir, made up of 60 women of all ages and professions, has been performing a wide repertoire for 20 yearsö from Turkish classical music to foreign music.

The choir, which performs under the baton of Cihan Can since Day 1, is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a concert at the CSO Concert Hall in Ankara.

Speaking to the state-run Anadolu Agency, Can said that they founded the choir with 17 women and now are continuing with 60 women who are in love with music.

Stating that they made preparations for the 20th anniversary, Can said, “Everything, from our clothes to our repertoire, is very special. Before polyphonic music, it is necessary to sing monophonic music correctly. We gave music training to our women first. Then we asked them to add their souls to the music. Everything is beautiful where there are women.”

Stating music is impossible without solfeggio, Can emphasized that the choir members progressed with intensive work.

The secretary-general of the foundation, Pınar Alpay Yükselö said that the choir members continued the tradition of polyphonic music for 20 years.

She said that she was also a soloist in the choir in the first years and added, “We, as the foundation, owe a heartfelt thanks to all those who have been in this choir for 20 years. Women in the choir, claiming the identity of the ‘Republican woman,’ started with an amateur spirit but have been working for 20 years with great devotion.”

A former Presidency Symphonic Orchestra (CSO) pianist, Ayşe Ediz said that she continued music work in the foundation after her retirement.

She said that they have been working with a joyous repertoire and the high energy of Can and gave many concerts.

One of the first members of the choir, Arzu Oflaslı said that she applied after seeing an advert 20 years ago to perform in the choir. She has been singing with them since then.

“Müfide Özgüç, our soprano teacher from the State Opera and Ballet, gave us voice training, and then we took solfeggio training. We had a busy period of work. We competed with each other. Every Thursday we see each other more than our families. The love for music is priceless,” she said.