Children flocking to Int’l Sand Sculpture Festival

Children flocking to Int’l Sand Sculpture Festival

ANTALYA - Demirören News Agency
Children flocking to Int’l Sand Sculpture Festival

The 14th International Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival has been welcoming children from different schools since the launch of the academic year in September.

The festival hosted thousands of tourists during this summer season, but now with the season almost over, kindergarten and primary school students have been flocking to the area.

The director of festival, Cem Karaca, said that the theme of this year’s festival is “Sea Legends,” and there are over 100 sand sculptures in the festival field.

Karaca said that the children like the sculptures very much and show an interest. He said they spend an especially a long time taking photos in front of the statue of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey, located at the entrance of the festival field.

“Kids love the statue of Atatürk. They are taking photos with their teacher. Some of them give military salutes, some of them make a heart shape with their hands to show the love that they have,” said Karaca.

This is the only open sand sculpture festival that goes on for 12 months because of the favorable climate conditions in the province, said Karaca. ‘’In summer season, there are tourists, in the winter time, there are students in our festival field. Both seasons are beautiful in a different way,’’ he said.

Sea legends from all over the world are being displayed under this year’s theme, and the gigantic sculptures include Scotland’s Finnfolk, Korea’s Geobukseon, Northern Europe’s Leviathan, Aquaman, nixe, Turtle Island, Poseidon, Europa and Atlantis.