Checkmate, Armenia, Russia say

Checkmate, Armenia, Russia say

Checkmate, Armenia, Russia say

Russian national team celebrates winning the gold medal in women’s competition at the World Chess Olympiad in Istanbul ahead of second China and third Ukraine.

Armenia and Russia claimed gold medals as the 40th edition of the World Chess Olympiad finished in Istanbul on Sept. 9.

Armenia’s team claimed the gold in the men’s competition while the Russians took home gold in the women’s event.

Armenian President Serge Sargsyan congratulated the national chess team, who has walked away a winner three times in the last four Olympiads.

“Very few countries have been able to register success like this in the history of the Chess Olympiads and that fact fills our hearts with pride,” Sargsyan said in a speech. “To be more precise, only teams of the Soviet Union, Russia and Armenia won the Olympiads three or more times.”

“The Armenian chess players not only raised the Armenian tricolor to the Olympian heights three times, but also reiterated the truth that we can be powerful individuals as well as a united team,” he said.
Armenia had nine wins, one draw and one defeat.

Russia, which also had nine wins, one draw and one defeat, won the silver medal while Ukraine settled for the bronze with nine wins and two defeats.

In the women’s competition, Russia won the gold medal with eight wins and three draws.

China won the silver medal with eight wins and three draws, while Ukraine came in third with seven wins and four draws.

The hosting Turkish teams lagged behind their opponents with the men’s team coming 41st and the women’s team finishing 42nd.