Change is a must in North Cyprus

Change is a must in North Cyprus

While Ankara is struggling with Gezi incidents, in North Cyprus, election preparations are at full speed. The National Unity Party (UBP) enjoyed having come to power alone, now they are in the opposition alone. The decisions made at the first Cabinet meeting of the transition government are very important.

To elaborate, after the UBP government ended, three opposition parties formed a coalition and formed the new government. The position of the Prime Ministry was given to Sibel Siber. Being the first female prime minister of the country, Siber drew all the attention. After congratulating Siber, whom I knew closely before she became the prime minister, we met up. Her eyes were full of excitement after taking over the Prime Ministry. I saw a “determined stance” in her. She said, “It is an honor to serve for my people even for a day.”

In her interview with daily Milliyet, she said, “If I had a magic wand, I would want to create spotlessly clean streets and an environment where smiling people would live on those streets.” This is very important. A female prime minister who took office for 45 days has uttered sentences that those who were in power for 40 years could not say. Then, next, she ended the position of “cultural attaché” of Necati Şaşmaz( the actor playing in Valley of Wolfes), which was the target of many reactions, as he went to visit Turksih Prime Minister over protests about Gezi Park.

Then she started a process to cancel a TOMA (anti riot vehicle) tender. These decisions were welcomed in the North Cyprus media with headlines of “Bravo Siber.” Even though some segments have had reactions, it is an appreciated situation that Prime Minister Siber is executing her decisions. As a matter of fact, those who were governing North Cyprus up until today did not have the interests of the people as first priority, but it was the project of “creating supporters for the party, to give positions to supporters.” Given that, our praise for Ms. Siber will never be adequate.

North Cyprus will elect more than half of its seats in Parliament on July 28.

Those who have been occupying the seats in Parliament for years are actually left with nothing to offer to the people. The Turkish Cypriot people want new and young faces to be elected to Parliament. They state that being a member of Parliament should not be equivalent to being a civil servant for life.

When you come to think that even Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) has a three-term ban, in North Cyprus there are some deputies who have been a member of Parliament since the 1970s. There are deputies of 20 years and 30 years. They also have a sentence that does not change: “We have to open the way for young people; we are working to open the way for young people.” The Turkish Cypriot people should decide now. They will either open way to new faces or will continue to “cry.” It is up to them to make this change. The ballot box will be in front of them on July 28. It will be they who will have the last word.

This election is an opportunity for those who demand a change. Let us also say that those “tricks” to be displayed during the election period will also be duly noted. We will see how this opportunity will be used.