Celebrity’s sister lives with 165 dogs, five cats

Celebrity’s sister lives with 165 dogs, five cats

Celebrity’s sister lives with 165 dogs, five cats

Funda Bonomo, the elder sister of famous Turkish singer Can Bonomo, has devoted her life to stray animals in a farmhouse in the western province of İzmir, where she lives with 165 dogs and five cats.

“Twenty of these dogs are suffering from hip dysplasia or disabled,” the sister told Demirören News Agency on May 11.

Her devotion to stray animals started around eight years ago when she started selling her clothes on e-shopping sites to collect money for them. In time, she made the decision of her life and established the Association of Projects for Animals (HİPDER) and moved to her new home, a farmhouse in İzmir’s Kemalpaşa district.

“We try to give shelter to those hungered, abandoned, sick, or subjected to violence,” the 40-year-old woman said.

“Feeding and loving them is our mission in life,” she added.

When asked how the costs of the association are covered, she replied, “We are selling souvenirs, mugs, secondhand books and clothes to afford the expenses.”

Working closely with local municipalities to take care of these animals, Bonomo is also visiting schools in the province with her associates to teach children how to behave when they see stray animals on the street.

She also made a call to all animal lovers to help support them. “Our doors are open to all those who want to help us,” she added.

Can Bonomo, 34, is a Turkish singer, artist, poet and celebrity, best known for representing Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan, in 2012.