Celebrities join campaign urging Turks to get vaccinated

Celebrities join campaign urging Turks to get vaccinated

Celebrities join campaign urging Turks to get vaccinated

Turkish celebrities including comedian Demet Akbağ and popstar Sertap Erener have called on their fellow Turks to “roll up their sleeves” and get vaccinated against COVID-19.

In a video prepared as a public service ad within the scope of the vaccination campaign carried out by the Health Ministry to combat coronavirus, well-known actress Akbağ and Eurovision-winning Erener took the stage to call on people to get jabbed.

“While the whole world has been fighting the pandemic for a long time, doctors, nurses, health workers and experts have led great struggles,” Akbağ said in the ad, noting that the society can also contribute to this struggle by getting vaccinated.

“Let’s not forget to get vaccinated. Let’s protect not only ourselves, but also people we do not know from the disease,” she added.

Erener, on the other hand, stated that the solution against COVID-19 is simple and precise.

“Our hospitals should not be full and our stages should not be empty. We can get back to the normal [days] we miss by getting vaccinated,” Erener said.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca shared the ad featuring the well-known figures on Twitter.

Several celebrities, including actors, singers and basketball stars, had also invited members of the public to get vaccinated by appearing in the campaign carried out with the slogan “We are rolling up the sleeves.”

With this campaign, the ministry aims to make vaccination efforts reach wide audiences.


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