‘Cat town’ offers pleasant moments for felines

‘Cat town’ offers pleasant moments for felines

‘Cat town’ offers pleasant moments for felines

A “cat town” established on a 20-acre plot in the Black Sea province of Samsun is home to dozens of stray cats in the city.

Cats spend their time, eat and play in the cat town, located in an animal care center for helpless and unattended cats.

As the town’s number of cats has increased to 150, works are continuing to double the town’s size.

The cat town opened in 2013 after two years of work.

Wooden shelters were placed in the town for cats living in groups or alone as well as playgrounds like wooden bridge and swing.

Stray cats that are brought to the facility are neutered and placed in a separate place in order to adapt.

They are then moved in with the town’s other cat population.

Human visits were closed to the complex due to the pandemic, but adoption works still continue.

Veterinarian Faruk Kan said that “the town” was established with all the comfort and needs of cats in mind.

“There are playgroups for our cats in this area, bridges, stairs and wooden huts. Here, they can continue their lives as they wish,” Kan said, adding that almost every day a cat gets a new home and family through adoption.