Cartoons by Nazım Hikmet on shelves

Cartoons by Nazım Hikmet on shelves

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Cartoons by Nazım Hikmet on shelves

This photo shows a scene from the cartoon film ‘Sevdalı Bulut,’ the scenario of which was written by Turkey’s renowned poet Nazım Hikmet.

Cartoon films written by renowned Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet will be released in Turkey for the first time through a special collection of two DVDs and a book. “Hanene Huzur Dolsun” (May Peace fill your Home), a cartoon film by Hikmet has been prepared and put on DVDs by Melih Güneş and will be released for the first time by the Yapıkredi Publishing House.

The book and DVD collection was made in honor of Hikmet’s 111th birthday and will be released for sale tomorrow. The book includes comic strips penned by Hikmet between 1959 and 1962. The story behind how the film came to be is an interesting one, according to Güneş. One day Hikmet approached Vera Tulyakova, the redactor at the Syuzmutfilm, to ask why they were not eager to work with him as a scenarist. Hikmet later brought the scenario “Sevdalı Bulut” (Loving Cloud) to the Soyuzmutfilm for review. Soon Vera and Hikmet fell in love.

Comic films formerly shown in Russia were at the time very soft and mild so as not to upset or hurt the feelings of children, according to a written statement released by Yapıkredi Publishing regarding Hikmet’s DVD collection.

Themes in “Bulut in Love” focus on Seyfi’s attempts to take Ayşe’s beautiful garden. Bulut falls in love with
Ayşe and at the end love conquers all. “Hanene Huzur Dolsun” (May Peace fill your Home) is another comic film that focuses on themes of society and family.