Caricaturist joins efforts to produce face masks

Caricaturist joins efforts to produce face masks

Caricaturist joins efforts to produce face masks

Prominent Turkish caricaturist Erdil Yaşaroğlu has been producing 3D-printed face shield masks for healthcare workers who are on the frontline of the battle against the coronavirus.

Yaşaroğlu is in self-isolation, like millions of people across the country, and is supporting the country’s production efforts from his home.
Yaşaroğlu, who produced a face shield mask for healthcare workers with his 3D printer, has shown that others could help from their houses too.

He said that he contributed to the work of the volunteers who came together with an initiative called 3boyutludestek (3dimensionalsupport) and invited other volunteers who have 3D printers in their homes to the platform.

The platform, which has produced more than 3,000 shielded masks until today, has met the urgent need of more than 2,000 healthcare workers in Turkey.

Caricaturist joins efforts to produce face masksMeanwhile, other institutions also producing shielded masks with 3D printers across Turkey are continuing to work.

The production of shielded masks with 3D printers for healthcare workers started at the Science and Arts Center in the eastern province of Bitlis.

The shielded masks, whose production began with two 3D printers at the center and market value is between 50 and 60 Turkish Liras ($8 and $9), cost only 3 liras ($0.40).

Twelve shielded masks produced in a day are given free of charge to healthcare professionals making great sacrifices to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

In the Black Sea province of Ordu, four high schools, two science and arts centers and the Public Education Center have started production to meet the facial shielded masks needs of healthcare workers.

While the production of 1,500 simple surgical masks per day began by the Fatsa Public Education Center, 100 simple daily surgical masks are produced in Gölköy and 150 daily in Korgan districts.

Shielded masks are printed with 3D printers using organic filaments that are not threatening to human health.

The production of a shielded mask takes about one hour and 15 minutes.