Carian Princess’ tomb, gold jewelry in her new hall

Carian Princess’ tomb, gold jewelry in her new hall

Carian Princess’ tomb, gold jewelry in her new hall

The tomb and gold jewels of the Carian Princess, which were found during the excavation carried out in 1989 in the area where the mass graves were located (necropolis) in the Bodrum district of the southwestern province of Muğla, are rushed by visitors in the new hall renewed after the second stage of restoration work in Bodrum Castle.

The teams, who carried out control works 32 years ago in Yokuşbaşı neighborhood, unearthed a burial chamber in the region during their excavations. On removing the lid of the sarcophagus in the middle of the burial chamber, the authorities found a skeleton of a woman in exceptionally good condition with her arms crossed and adorned with gold gifts.

According to the anthropological skeletal analysis, it revealed that the woman in the grave died in her 40s and gave birth more than once, as concluded from the structure of her hipbones. Her complete teeth set showed that the woman had a good and quality life.

Among the rich finds from the tomb, especially the golden crown, it proved that the tomb belonged to a noble person.

By using the technique of drawing a face on the skull of the skeleton, the results obtained showed similarities between the two marble females busts exhibited in the British Museum. According to some scientists these marble busts are believed to be associated with Queen Ada and the queen of Caria.

On evaluating the data collected, the possibility that the uncovered skeleton might belong to Ada was in speculation. However, since there was not enough scientific data to make a full identification, the individual in the grave started to be known as the Princess of Caria, since that day.

The tomb, which is open to visitors, attracts great attention from local and foreign holidaymakers, Hüseyin Toprak, Bodrum Castle Underwater Archeology Museum director, told state-run Anadolu Agency.

Toprak said that they opened the tomb in its new hall after the second stage restoration work. “The tomb of the Carian Princess and especially her golden crown and gold artifacts attract great attention. The princess’ skeleton is also exhibited in this same hall. The wax statue created with a new face recognition technology is also here,” he added.

Stating that there is an interactive screen in the hall, Toprak noted that the gold necklace and crown of the princess are on this screen and that visitors can download the photograph they have taken with the necklace and crown via the QR code.

He said that this is a souvenir from the museum and added, “Since the Carian Princess is an important person, we exhibit it in a separate hall in the castle. I invite local and foreign holidaymakers who visit Bodrum to see the hall of the Carian Princess, as well as other renovated halls and historical sites.”