Can Bonomo to represent Turkey at Eurovision Song Contest

Can Bonomo to represent Turkey at Eurovision Song Contest

ANKARA – Anatolia News Agency
Can Bonomo to represent Turkey at Eurovision Song Contest

Can Bonomo

Can Bonomo was chosen Jan. 9 to represent Turkey at the 57th Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The musician told state-run television channel TRT-1 that he was very excited and happy to be chosen as Turkey’s representative at Eurovision. “It was a very big surprise for us, too. I am both happy and honored to represent Turkey. We will represent our country in the best way in the contest.”

Bonomo said he was selected less than a year after he released his album and added that TRT’s decision would pave the way for young talents like him and encourage them.

“We have some ‘figures’ on our mind for lyrics but I cannot talk about them,” he said in regards to preparations for the song to be performed at the contest. “We will do the best we can do.”

When asked about the language of Turkey’s entry, Bonomo said a decision had not yet been made on the matter. “I have some ideas; some are English and some are Turkish. We are planning to choose the one that will satisfy us the most.”

He said their plan was to make a song on peace, friendship and happiness.

When asked about his expectations from this year’s Eurovision, Bonomo said: “I have found all of Turkey’s Eurovision songs very successful in their own style. We get very happy when we win but get very sorry when we lose. Rather than win, I see myself as a musician who will represent Turkey and showcase it to the world in the best way.”

Bonomo said he had been involved in art since early ages when he had tried to write poems and added that he was also interested in illustration and drawings.

Asked whether for his definition of “Istanbul music” and whether he defined his music as “Istanbul music,” Bonomo said: “Istanbul music is not a style actually; it is an easy way to describe our music because we make somewhat strange music. It has pop melodies along with rock and electronic tones. When making this music, we use our current instruments. Since this music grew up here, we call it Istanbul music. Therefore, the song that we will create will have Istanbul tones.”

Bonomo began his music career by playing the guitar at the age of 8. Originally from the Aegean province of İzmir, Bonomo began his music career in Istanbul while at high school. He studied at the Cinema-TV Department of Istanbul’s Bilgi University and later prepared various TV programs for Number One TV and MTV.

Violin, drum, reed
Bonomo’s arranger and music video director, Can Saban, said that when they received word from TRT that they had been chosen for Eurovision, they were “frightened” but later became very proud.
The song needs to be composed with its arrangements before one can begin talking about the choreography, Saban said, adding that he had some ideas and would begin working on them.

When asked what instruments would be used, he said: “The violins, drums and reeds that we use on our own album and show the cultural richness of Turkish music will definitely be used. But since the arrangement will be within the bounds of contemporary pop music, we will create work for Eurovision. I can say that we will not [stray far from the music] of the album.”

Azerbaijan, which won the Eurovision Song Contest last year with Eldar and Nigar’s “Running Scared,” will host this year’s contest.

The semi-finals for the 2012 Eurovision will take place May 22 and 24 while the final will run May 26 in Baku.

Music industry representatives have rallied to support Can Bonomo

ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News

Performers and industry figures such as Hadise, Kıraç, Yüksek Sadakat and Sezen Cumhur Önal commented on the choice to daily Hürriyet.

Kıraç: I have no idea about Bonomo but I think that he is an amateur musician. I have been saying for years that Eurovision is an amateur song contest and congratulate TRT on choosing such a name. Everyone should support this decision from now on.

Kenan Vural on behalf of Yüksek Sadakat: We know Bonomo. I don’t think that he will need us but we will be with him if necessary. He is a suitable name for the European stages with his stage performance and music. We think that the decision is positive. He is young and dynamic.

Sezen Cumhur Önal (Radio and television producer, anchorman): Eurovision was important in the past; it introduced Celine Dion to the world. Contests reveal young talents. I hope Bonomo will be successful and win the contest. He should have a good song. People make songs for the West but Westerners laugh at them. We should be represented with songs that belong to us.