Çakır proud to officiate Euro games

Çakır proud to officiate Euro games

Çakır proud to officiate Euro games

Cüneyt Çakır says that his Euro 2012 designation was not an individual feat.

Turkish referee Cüneyt Çakır said yesterday his designation as a Euro 2012 referee was not an individual achievement.

Çakır addressed the media at a conference in Istanbul hosted by the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) only a day after UEFA announced he was picked among 12 referees to officiate the European Football Championship.

“That was a result of hard work and important education programs by the TFF,” Çakır said. “But this is not an individual achievement; it is an achievement of refereeing in Turkey.”

TFF Chairman Mehmet Ali Aydınlar praised Çakır, saying he showed that “Turkish referees are way ahead of Turkish football.”

Çakır will be the first Turkish referee to officiate a European Championship game since Ahmet Çakar’s assignment in Euro 1996.

Despite his success, Çakır is often criticized with his performances in domestic games. However, Çakır shrugged off criticism.

“It is normal to be criticized. Referees are criticized all around the world,” he said. “But for me, how can I officiate a game different than the other? UEFA standards are the same everywhere and I prepare for domestic games the same way I prepare for international matches.”