Bursa starts to build new ‘crazy project’ this year

Bursa starts to build new ‘crazy project’ this year

BURSA - Anatolia News Agency
Bursa starts to build new ‘crazy project’ this year

The new complex will include 10 regions. The expropriation price is expected to be 80 million Turkish Liras. The commitee plans to start underground work this year. DHA photos

The Marmara province of Bursa has embarked on an ambitious “crazy project” to construct Turkey’s largest thermal health tourism complex close to the country’s most famous ski center, Uludağ mountain.
The complex will be established in the Dağyenice village of the province’s Nilüfer district, where thermal water does not exist.

The thermal complex project was announced late last week at a press conference. Bursa Gov. Şahabettin Harput said they expected that the implementation plan for the project would be finished by the end of the year and that the complex would have a 7,000-bed capacity and would employ 5,000 people.

Harput said they were open to all criticisms and proposals for the Dağyenice Thermal Tourism Complex. “The Dağyenice complex will meet 10 percent of Bursa’s 5 million-tourist goal that is foreseen for 2023. The complex will include 10 regions. The expropriation price is expected to cost 80 million Turkish Liras. We plan to start underground and transportation work this year.”

Harput said Bursa’s population was increasing 50,000 every year due in part to its industry. “Tourism is the locomotive of the employment sector. The industry and automotive sectors are a revolution in Bursa, and tourism will be the second revolution in the city. The city will have a say in this sector, too. The share of the tourism cake is $1 billion in the world right now. We have a right to get our share from this cake, and we are strong enough to get it.”

The project attracts criticism

The governor said the project had attracted some criticism due to a lack of information. “The goal of the project is to bring $400 million into our country. Its cost is about $1.5 million to 2 million. We foresee a 15,000-people town and 5,000-person employment with the project.” 

Harput said the understanding of a “smart city” was the basis of the Dağyenice Thermal Holiday Village. “Zero carbon and zero waste is the basis of the project, which is the understanding of 21st-century projects. We will preserve all the beauty of nature at the center.” The governor also said the protection of the environment and human health would be the top goal of the project. “Transportation will be provided through a railway system. We will also construct a rope railway system to Uludağ. The project is integrated with the city center and Uludağ. This project is Bursa’s mega-prestigious project and will be Turkey’s first and largest integrated thermal tourism complex.”

Harput said the architecture of the project would reflect Bursa’s identity. “Holiday-goers here will be able to reach Uludağ in half an hour and return to the holiday village in the same way,” he said, adding that the project would be completely realized by the private sector. “The state will only make the infrastructure.”