Bungalow hotels become favorite holiday spots amid pandemic

Bungalow hotels become favorite holiday spots amid pandemic

Bungalow hotels become favorite holiday spots amid pandemic

As COVID-19 lockdowns across Turkey are easing, a resort with bungalows on the Aegean coast is drawing the attention of visitors who want to holiday in isolation.

The facility consisting of 17 bungalows in the Aegean province of İzmir’s Alaçatı neighborhood attracts the attention of those who want to spend an isolated holiday in the midst of nature.

Welcoming tourists from many cities of the country and the world in the summer and winter, the facility called Vadi Alaçatı, became the center of carefree holiday with spacious distances between rooms and the lack of communal indoor space.

“The distance between our rooms is sufficient. There is no communal air conditioning system. People began to prefer such facilities to take a breath. This year, we are more busy than last year,” said Bülent Özcan, stating that their phones are ringing more now with people wanting to book appointments.

Noting that people have become more conscious of nature during the pandemic, Özcan wished this would increase even more.

Expressing that she had a peaceful holiday at the facility, Belkıs Benlioğlu, a holidaymaker, stated that they came to the facility because it is a quieter place.

Having a holiday at the facility without concerns of contamination, Can İnelli, another guest, said that he preferred to have a holiday in bungalows and tree houses which pay attention to the social distance rules due to the fear of the pandemic.

“People are now fleeing crowds. The interest in more isolated and areas more intertwined with nature is also increasing day by day,” İnelli said.

Two people can accommodate at the facility for between 250 Turkish Liras and 700 liras ($36 and $100) per night, depending on the features of the bungalows which are increasing in number on the Aegean coast.

Besides the bungalow hotels, İzmir’s Alaçatı is also a tourist attraction for extreme sports and sea activities.