Britain shows off its guns ahead of Olympics

Britain shows off its guns ahead of Olympics

Daily Mail
Britain shows off its guns ahead of Olympics

Members of the Metropolitan Police Marine Policing Unit (MPU) and Royal Marines perform a joint exercise for the media on the River Thames in London January 19, 2012. REUTERS Photo

In anticipation of the Olympic Games 2012, Britain's security forces came together yesterday for a combined exercise on the river Thames, the Daily Mail reported.

The security exercise brought together Royal Marines and Scotland Yard as two took over the river for what Daily Mail called "a glimpse of the sheer scale of the country's biggest peacetime security operation."

The show was reportedly a move to deter possible terrorist attacks during the frenzied period around the games. Over 100 marines and 50 officers participated in the orchestrated drills.

The Royal Navy's largest ship, as well as jets and 13,500 military personnel are expected to be employed as part of security measures during the Olympics itself.

The River Thames will play a crucial role in terms of transportation during the games due to its proximity to key arenas.

The Olympics will take place in London later this year.

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