Bozüyük locals wait for filmmakers again

Bozüyük locals wait for filmmakers again

MUĞLA – Anadolu Agency
Bozüyük locals wait for filmmakers again The locals of the Bozüyük neighborhood, which has hosted many TV dramas and cinema films, are upset that there have not been any film or TV shoots in the area this summer.

The well-known TV series such as “Baba Ocağı” (Father’s Hearth), “Güzel Köylü” (Beautiful Villager), and “Dürüye’nin Güğümleri” (Dürüye’s Jars), as well as films like “Sürgün İnek” (Exiled Cow) and “Dabbe” have been shot in the neighborhood.

The locals, who earned an additional income acting in the films and TV series, are now looking forward to be in front of the camera again. They are very pleased to have become well-known. The neighborhood receives many visitors thanks to these productions.

Bozüyük Mayor Vahdettin Beçin said the number of visitors has increased after the shooting of films and TV series, and the quality of life of the people in the neighborhood has also improved.

As interest in Bozüyük increased, closed stores were reopened. “People started earning money and as they earned, they became more open to visitors. We think this dynamism will continue,” Beçin said.

The mayor said with the support of former Muğla Governor Amir Çiçek, they had started a project to make the streets healthier and after the project is done, the old buildings will be restored and the Bozüyük bazaar will become a natural film studio.

He also said tourism companies organize special tours to Bozüyük. Bozüyük has hosted 1,000 tourists from various parts of Turkey in the summer.

 House or land on sale?

Beçin said although no TV series are being shot in the neighborhood, visitors still come and see the venues of the productions.

“Half of the people in Bozüyük had roles in TV series and films shot here. They earned more money than their annual income. Some acted and some rented out their houses. The producers did not seem unfair to them. Now the locals are unhappy that there are no productions being shot in Bozüyük this summer. They ask me if there will be a TV series in the near future. Director Mustafa Şevki Doğan, who contributed to our neighborhood to become famous, purchased a house here. We are still in touch and he says a new series will definitely be shot here,” he said.

After these productions, the mayor said visitors had begun asking about houses or land for sale.

“Some wanted to buy a field. There is such high demand that I have the names of many people in my phone. They have given us their number to inform them about houses or land for sale. Some people who had to move from Bozüyük for some reason in the past have returned. Others do not want to sell their homes. So, we cannot meet the demand. The price of houses and land has increased 10 times in recent years. Our properties have gained value thanks to these TV series and films,” Beçin said.

One of the locals, 70-year-old Mustafa Uslu, who acted in some productions, said they did what the directors said and became successful.

Uslu had acted with notable artists in “Baba Ocağı.” “We had some scenes in ‘Güzel Köylü,’ too. They made our names heard. People know us and want to take photos. We were paid 40-50 Turkish Liras in ‘Baba Ocağı.’ We are ready to act in TV series and films as extras,” Uslu said.

Another local, Mehmet Öztürk, said villagers had begun to sell their products easily after these productions.