BOTAŞ, Gazprom dismiss reports on takeover

BOTAŞ, Gazprom dismiss reports on takeover

BOTAŞ, Gazprom dismiss reports on takeover

The Turkish Petroleum Pipeline Corporation (BOTAŞ) has dismissed reports in certain Turkish media outlets speculating that the company will be taken over by Russia’s Gazprom.

The claims suggesting that BOTAŞ may be sold or transferred to a country or to a company are untrue,” BOTAŞ said in a statement.

“We reserve the right to take legal actions against those baseless claims, which aim at creating speculation and adverse effects on the energy sector,” the company said, calling on the public to disregard those “totally groundless and untrue claims.”

The company said it views those claims as deliberate and planned action against BOTAŞ, which moves towards the target of making Türkiye an energy hub with large-scale investments and projects.

It added that thanks to the measures BOTAŞ has taken Türkiye has not experienced any supply shortages at a time when the world is facing an unprecedented energy crisis.

Meanwhile, Gazprom also issued a statement to dismiss the takeover claims.

“Information circulated in a number of Turkish media about purported negotiations or intentions regarding the transfer of the Turkish company BOTAŞ into the management of Gazprom is completely untrue,” the company said on Twitter.