Bosnian students will be sent to Turkey to learn Turkish

Bosnian students will be sent to Turkey to learn Turkish

SARAJEVO – Anadolu Agency
Bosnian students will be sent to Turkey to learn Turkish

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A total of 46 students learning Turkish in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be sent to Turkey to improve their skills and learn about Turkish culture under the Turkish Summer School Programs organized by the Yunus Emre Institute.   

The Yunus Emre Institute branch in the Bosnia and Herzegovina capital of Sarajevo announced the program at the 6th Annual Turkish Summer School Programs meeting earlier this week. The institute’s assistant director for Sarajevo, Mustafa Yıldız, told Anadolu Agency that 550 students from 60 different countries will attend the summer school and added that “46 students will attend the program in Bosnia and Herzegovina with 30 of them being Yunus Emre Institute students and 16 of them Turcology department students.”

Yıldız said the institute would cover the expenses of the students, who will receive education from 20 different universities in 18 different cities.

 “There will be courses that introduce Turkish language, culture, art and history to the students. In addition, students will tour the city center in the afternoons and have the opportunity to tour and explore other cities,” he said. 

Sarajevo Yunus Emre Institute student Nisada Visca expressed excitement over traveling to Turkey, saying, “We love Turkey. I want to improve my Turkish, tour, have fun, meet new people and get to know Turkey. I also want to go to university in Turkey.”

The Turkish Summer School Program will be held between July 22 and Aug. 28.

The students attending the program are also scheduled to attend the opening ceremony of the third bridge over Istanbul’s Bosphorus Strait and meet President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.