Book examines ‘Art Nouveau’ buildings on Büyükada

Book examines ‘Art Nouveau’ buildings on Büyükada

Book examines ‘Art Nouveau’ buildings on Büyükada

A book by Nigan Bayazıt researches the buildings and mansions on the island of Büyükada, the largest of the Princes’ Islands off Istanbul’s coast in the Marmara Sea, built under the Art Nouveau effect.

“I did not expect to encounter such a rich cultural background,” Bayazıt said, studying 161 historical buildings.

Islands are important points of Istanbul both culturally and artistically, both with their nature and architecture. In her book “Art Nouveau in Büyükada,” Bayazıt examines many buildings on the Islands, including wooden buildings that were destroyed after an earthquake in 1894 and the earthquake resistant ones.

“Today, it can be regarded as an important chance that the buildings that are under protection at first and second degree still live as a cultural accumulation. In some of the houses and mansions in Büyükada, it is seen that Art Nouveau and Imperial styles are synthesized together,” said Bayazıt, underlining that since the buildings generally have wooden construction, Art Nouveau applications can be carried out on limited building elements different from those in masonry buildings.

“Due to the topographic structure of Büyükada, it is very difficult to reach some of the selected buildings,” she added.

Noting that many valuable buildings are about to disappear due to neglect, Bayazıt said it could be too late for another thorough examination of the buildings on the island, whose book she wrote over many years and where she spent her summers.

“Unfortunately, I believe it is too late to examine the buildings in Büyükada that are a mixture of Art Nouveau, partly Imperial and other styles. When I started this work, I did not expect that I would be faced with such a large and rich cultural background. It can be said that builders and architects on the islands competed with each other.”

Stating that she examined 161 historical buildings in Büyükada, Bayazıt includes 16 buildings in the “buildings with documents” section in her book, using the architectural drawings and documents provided by the Adalar Municipality Building Works Bureau.

There are 27 buildings with their photos and information. The number of buildings whose facades she does not give detailed explanations on but uses examples of their building elements is 76. The book contains nearly 1,000 photographs under various headings, all of which were taken by Bayazıt.