‘Bonomo’s roots key in selection’

‘Bonomo’s roots key in selection’

ISTANBUL - Anatolia News Agency
‘Bonomo’s roots key in selection’

Can Bonomo. Hürriyet Photo

Can Bonomo was selected to represent Turkey at May’s Eurovision Song Contest in Baku due to his background, according to the General Manager of state broadcaster TRT, which chose the singer.
Bonomo’s roots will help to eliminate some of the negative international attitudes against Turkey and could be instrumental in increasing the number of votes the country receives in the contest, İbrahim Şahin said, according to Anatolia news agency.

Bonomo is a Turkish Jew.

Asked how much chance he thought Turkey had in the contest this year, Şahin said: “We could win the contest if it were not being held in Azerbaijan. They selected a Turkic country last year. They won’t do that again. So I do not think we stand much of a chance. However, because Armenia protested the contest and withdrew, those who would vote for Armenia in Turkey will vote for Turkey this year. That might affect an increase in our votes.”

Şahin also said Bonomo’s entry had a Balkan sound that could attract votes from Balkan viewers during the competition.