Bolivia's interim president OKs bill for new elections

Bolivia's interim president OKs bill for new elections

BUENOS AIRES-Anadolu Agency
Bolivias interim president OKs bill for new elections

Bolivia's self-proclaimed interim president Jeanine Anez approved legislation on Nov. 24 calling for new presidential elections which also bars former President Evo Morales from running.

The bill, “the Exceptional and Transitional Regime for General Elections,” was first approved by the Senate on Nov. 23 and then later in the day by the lower house.

The bill prohibits the candidacy of anyone who has served the last two terms consecutively as president, which would exclude Morales.

Turmoil in Bolivia began in October, when the indigenous leader won a fourth term in office and faced immediate resistance from opposition parties that challenged the election results.

Protesters took to the streets, claiming the ballot was rigged.

After weeks of upheaval, Morales resigned under pressure from the military and moved to Mexico, where he was offered political asylum.

The conservative Anez, who had been serving as a senator at the time, then proclaimed herself interim president.

But public demonstrations have yet to subside, with mostly rural and indigenous pro-Morales supporters taking to the streets in numerous cites, including the capital of La Paz, since Morales left the country.

Backers of Morales insist his ouster was a coup.