Bodrum to host jazz festival in September

Bodrum to host jazz festival in September

MUĞLA - Doğan News Agency
Bodrum to host jazz festival in September

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The International Bodrum Jazz festival will be held between Sept. 7 and 17 with the support of the Jazz Association and Bodrum Municipality. 

A press conference was held on Feb. 22 in the western resort town to launch the festival. 

Bodrum Mayor Mehmet Kocadon said Bodrum organized the most artistic events in the region, adding that “now we will add a new one to these events with the jazz festival.” 

Jazz Association President Özlem Oktar Varoğlu said Bodrum was one of the three most important places for the association and the festival would be on stage in September with a very strong program. 

“This will not be the same kind of festival that Bodrum locals and visitors are accustomed to. It will not only feature concerts in the castle or the ancient theater; it is also a social project. We will see a walking orchestra in Bodrum’s bazaars; we will see young musicians coming out of nowhere in the square and performing jazz; we will see musicians on trucks or gullets. This project will be unique to Bodrum,” said festival organizer Devrim Erol.

September was chosen for the event because July and August were already high season in the town and they wanted to bring an activity at the end of the tourist season, organizers said. 

The festival program will be announced at a later date.