Birds return to Seyfe Lake

Birds return to Seyfe Lake

KIRŞEHİR – Anadolu Agency
Birds return to Seyfe Lake The Seyfe Lake Nature Reserve, which dries up and turns into dust of cloud during summer, has received a rush of by migratory birds like flamingos, ruddy shelduck and cranes as its water level increased. 

Seyfe Lake, located in the central Anatolian province of Kırşehir’s Mucur district, annual drought has been blamed on the mismanagement of the area’s water sources in agriculture practices and the population’s usage. 

Almost annually, the lake completely dries up in summer months, as clouds of dust appear. However, with the recent rainfalls, the water level filled 60 percent in the lake and thousands of birds have begun to come to the lake again. 

Seyfe Lake Ecology Association President Ömer Çetiner said the bird paradise was completely last year.

“Now the water level increased and we can see thousands of flamingos. We have hundreds of local and other birds. We hope that this beauty will continue. The measures to prevent the lake from drying up should be implemented without interruption. Since the land is so poor, it doesn’t receive or give water. Even a little rainfall helps its water level increase,” he said. 

Çetiner said measures should be taken for the continuation of bird migration to the lake, adding, “Alternative sources of water should be found and drinking water should not be taken from the Seyfe Basin. Wild watering system should be banned and drip watering systems should be encouraged.”