Bird population increases in eastern Turkey’s lake

Bird population increases in eastern Turkey’s lake

Bird population increases in eastern Turkey’s lake

The numbers of birds in Asboğa Lake in the northeastern province of Kars have increased following heavy rains in the region and the arrival of the spring, according to a biologist.

Emrah Çoban, a science coordinator at KuzeyDoğa Association in Kars, said that this spring’s first bird count is completed.

Asboğa Lake, which is located 11 kilometers from Sarıkamış district and is considered as a hidden paradise, is home to many bird species such as duck, ruddy shelduck and, heron with its area of 13,800 square meters.

Çoban pointed out the importance of migratory birds in terms of nature tourism and stated that the bird diversity in the region should be evaluated with the lake in this respect.

“Asboğa Lake is a very important spot especially for birds during the migration period. Birds both feed and rest here to continue their migration journey using this lake,” Çoban said.

“This is a high mountain lake and the number of birds will increase as the weather gets warmer,” he noted.

Visitors in the region can observe more than six bird types among hundreds of other birds.