Beşiktaş player Fernandes faces violence claims

Beşiktaş player Fernandes faces violence claims

İsmail ER - Hürriyet
Beşiktaş player Fernandes faces violence claims

Beşiktaş player Manuel Fernandes faces violence complaints. Hürriyet photo

A woman has claimed that she was a victim of violence at the hands of Beşiktaş player Manuel Fernandes, arriving at the club’s facilities with lawyers in the early hours of the morning.

The Portuguese star allegedly met two women at a nightclub, before they all went back to his apartment together. The women were then allegedly mistreated by the player and his friends when they refused to comply with their wishes, after which they headed down to Ümraniye police station to file a complaint against the player and lodged physical abuse claims.

Fernandes went to the Beşiktaş club facilities, where he waited for the storm to pass, refusing to emerge and issue any statements. The women, accompanied by lawyers, then arrived at the facilities in the early hours of the morning.

Fernandes refused to testify until his lawyers had arrived, eventually going to the Ümraniye police station and giving his testimony. He denied all the accusations and was released following the testimony.

Beşiktaş District Police Station confirmed the incident, as well as the complaints. Police officers are set to review the security camera footage at the entrance to Fernandes’ apartment, as well as footage at the nightclub.

The Portuguese player is one of club’s fan favorites, and has been playing for the team since January 2011. He has experienced one of his best years in the 2012-13 season, with six goals and one assist in season’s first 24 matches. He has also been playing for the Portuguese national team since 2005.

Unfavorable reports have appeared in the Turkish media regarding Fernandes’ taste for the nightlife, but Beşiktaş fans have stood loyally in support of their Portuguese star.