Berlin should resolve problems with Ankara: Merkel aide

Berlin should resolve problems with Ankara: Merkel aide

BERLIN - Anadolu Agency
Berlin should resolve problems with Ankara: Merkel aide

Solving problems between Germany and Turkey is in the interest of both sides, as officials continue to discuss concrete issues, a close aide of Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Dec. 14.

Peter Altmaier, a senior conservative politician who heads the Federal Chancellery and serves as the federal minister for special tasks, made the remarks during a visit to the Turkish Embassy in Berlin.

“2017 has been a difficult year for German-Turkish relations. Now we are talking and discussing very concrete issues with our counterparts,” said Altmaier.

“We all have an interest in finding solutions,” he told reporters at the embassy, where he visited a photo exhibit on Ottoman-German relations in the 19th century.

Altmaier stressed that Germany and Turkey have a century-plus history of ties, calling the exhibit a good example of their multifaceted relationship.

He stressed that despite political differences between Berlin and Ankara on several foreign policy and domestic issues, Turkey remains an important country.

“We as Europeans have an interest to contribute, together with Turkey, to peace and stability in the Middle East,” he stressed.

Ties between Ankara and Berlin have been strained since last year’s failed coup, as Turkish leaders slammed Germany for not showing strong solidarity with the government.