Berezovsky died by hanging: Examination

Berezovsky died by hanging: Examination

LONDON - The Associated Press
Berezovsky died by hanging: Examination

Kremlin critic Boris Berezovsky’s body was found at his house in UK. AFP photo

A post-mortem examination found that self-exiled Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky died by hanging, and there was nothing pointing to a violent struggle, British police said.

Thames Valley Police said March 25 that further tests, including toxicology examinations, will be carried out. The force did not specify whether the 67-year-old businessman hanged himself.

Once one of Russia’s richest men and a Kremlin powerbroker, Berezovsky fled to Britain in 2001 and claimed political asylum after a bitter falling out with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He became a vocal critic of the Kremlin.

No evidence on involving anyone

Berezovsky had survived several assassination attempts in Britain and Russia, including a car bomb in 1994 that killed his driver.

Boris Berezovsky’s body was found by an employee on the bathroom floor at his upscale England home on March 23. The employee called an ambulance after he forced open the bathroom door, which was locked from the inside.

Police said the employee was the only person in the house when Berezovsky’s body was discovered. They have said there was no evidence to suggest anyone else was involved in the death. A forensic examination of Berezovsky’s home will continue for several days, police said.