Beating coronavirus, Turkish woman births healthy baby

Beating coronavirus, Turkish woman births healthy baby

ANTALYA-Anadolu Agency
Beating coronavirus, Turkish woman births healthy baby

A woman in southern Turkey has given birth to a healthy baby girl after beating COVID-19.

Diagnosed when she was 8-and-a-half months pregnant, Çiğdem Akman tried keeping her spirits high for the baby in her womb and her toddler son.

Health staff in Manavgat Hospital, Antalya, did everything to make sure she and the baby stay safe.

She underwent a treatment suggested by Turkey's Science Council.

After 10 days of treatment, Akman beat the virus. She visited the same hospital for two weeks during her last stages of pregnancy.

Saying that she had to go out to get diapers and milk, she said: "Anyone can contract the virus. My husband was away, and my parents are very old. Still, I wish I had never left my house."

She added that the health staff gave her top-notch treatment and kept her morale high.

Akman regretted not wearing a glove and mask when going out. "If there is a slight symptom, you should go to hospital immediately," she added.

The hospital's chief physician, Mehmet Çınar said: "Being pregnant, getting COVID-19 and giving birth in good health, she represents a rare case around the world. This is good news, which has raised our morale."

"She responded quickly to the treatment. There isn't lots of data to suggest that a positive mother transfers the virus to her baby before birth. She gave birth, both in good health. I hope this will be a ray of hope," Akman's gynecologist, Dr. Tırak added.