Bauhaus exhibition by Hans Engels in Istanbul

Bauhaus exhibition by Hans Engels in Istanbul

Bauhaus exhibition by Hans Engels in Istanbul

Organized by the Goethe-Institute and the Istanbul Chamber of Architects Büyükkent Branch for the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus, one of the most influential art and design schools in the 20th century, the exhibition “Bauhaus Architecture” offers documentary photographs by German photographer Hans Engels along with informative commentary and site plans.

Engels’ photographs show many buildings in their newly restored conditions and reflect the full range of Bauhaus architecture.

“Seeing the restored Master’s Houses [Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius’ series of houses for the teachers at the Bauhaus school] in Dessau, I was inspired to search for examples of Bauhaus architecture at other sites, both known and unknown. As I entered into discussion with experts in the field, I realized that no one had compiled a comprehensive overview of all existing Bauhaus buildings – and thus began my search, first in the archives, then on the road,” says Engels.

The buildings featured in the exhibition were designed by the masters, teachers, and students of the Bauhaus, as well as by the members of Walter Gropius’s architecture office. They span a time period beginning with the foundation of the Bauhaus school in the German city Weimar in 1919, through its first dissolution in Dessau by the National Socialist regime in 1932, to its final dissolution in Berlin one year later.

In photographing architecture, Engels is especially interested in the traces left by time and history on and in the buildings - traces left by the builders and subsequent occupants.

The aim of the exhibition is to offer balanced documentation of known and forgotten buildings, of restored, converted, and decayed exponents. It is expected that this will help to create a more complete and informed image of Bauhaus architecture in the eyes of the public.

Engels has specialized in architectural photography for the past 20 years. His work runs the whole scale from historical subjects to contemporary developments in visual culture.

His photographs have been published in numerous books and magazines and have appeared in international exhibitions.

The exhibition at Istanbul Chamber of Architects Büyükkent Branch will run until April 24.