Battery factory to create 12,000 jobs in Gemlik

Battery factory to create 12,000 jobs in Gemlik

Battery factory to create 12,000 jobs in Gemlik

The new battery factory in the northwestern province of Bursa’s Gemlik district is expected to create 2,000 jobs directly and 10,000 jobs indirectly, Gemlik Chamber of Commerce and Industry head Paşa Ağdemir has said.

“The fact that a $5 billion battery factory will be built next to an automobile factory shows the good place our country stands at and how lucky our district is,” he told local media.

The Marmara province of Bursa houses 60 percent of Turkey’s automotive and supply industries, he noted.

“We have a highway and a port. A railroad connection will be added soon. The battery factory will provide jobs to 2,000 people directly and 10,000 people will benefit from it indirectly,” said Ağdemir.

Turkey’s Automobile Initiative Group (TOGG) will establish the plant with Chinese battery giant Farasis.

SiRo, a joint venture of TOGG and Farasis, will produce 15 gigawatt/hour battery cells and modules.

Farasis will supply TOGG the key part of Turkey’s $2.8 billion endeavor to produce its own automobile brand. Electric cars produced by TOGG are expected to hit the roads in 2022, two years before being exported to European markets.