BASE brings together young artists

BASE brings together young artists

BASE brings together young artists

The new generation artist platform BASE will present artworks in the fields of painting, video, sculpture, installation, photography, ceramics, glass and graphic design on Nov. 20 at Tophane-i Amire.

With the theme “Far Near,” the event will be organized with the participation of 102 artists from 32 universities in 22 cities. Having received 1,194 applications from 76 universities in total, BASE this year brings together 117 art productions at the same venue.

Aiming to support young artists during their transition from graduation to professionalism, BASE 2020 selection committee includes experienced names in Turkish art such as Ayşe Erkmen, Ayşe Umur, Azade Köker, Derya Yücel, Eda Berkmen, Gökşen Buğra, Lalin, Akalan, Leyla Gediz, Meriç Hızal, Moiz Zilberman, Nancy Atakan, Onur Gökalp, Öner Kocabeyoğlu, Osman Erden, Saruhan Doğan, Vahap Avşar and Yusuf Sevinçli.

The event will bring together the works of future artists who have recently graduated from fine arts faculties in both physical and virtual fields. BASE can be visited this year at for those who want to see the exhibition online.

“BASE Talks” program, which will host well-known names of the art world, will be organized for the first time this year digitally. It will offer audiences the opportunity to listen to inspiring speeches on art from wherever they want.

Among this year’s artists are Adnan Yıldız, Ali Kerem Bilge, Ayda Elgiz, Berat Işık, Burak Delier, Cins, Çelenk Bafra (SAHA), Derya Yücel, Didem Yazıcı, Elmas Deniz, Ergin Çavuşoğlu, Günnur Ozsoy, Huo Rf, Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu, Melek Gencer, Melis Terzioğlu, Nermin Kura, Nermin Saybaşılı, Selim Birsel, Serkan Özkaya, Serkan Taycan, Tansa Mermerci Ekşioğlu, Vahit Tuna and Yekhan Pınarlıgil.

Aiming to create a space for young artists to exhibit their works and to meet the leading names of the art world, BASE also aims to help art lovers and creative industries discover young talents.

Defining the BASE 2020 selection with the theme “Far Near” where works from different disciplines will be exhibited, curator Derya Yücel said, “Art can initiate a dialogue that brings distance and closeness to a ‘meeting’ position.”

Noting that exhibitions can have the potential to create a common space where communication between artist and audience begins, she said: “Art can bring physical, intellectual, emotional, mental and social distances closer to each other. Now ‘distance’ and ‘contact’ create metaphorically stronger associations both in everyday life and in art.”

“The new generation of young artists brackets the ‘distant past’ and the ‘near future’ in their present time,” she added.

BASE will be open to visitors free of charge between Nov. 20 and 25.

Within the scope of coronavirus measures recommended by the Health Ministry, a limited number of visitors will be accepted during the exhibition period to provide art lovers with a safe environment. Those interested can make reservations at