Baptism water of Mother Mary Church to be bottled

Baptism water of Mother Mary Church to be bottled

BALIKESİR - Anatolia News Agency
Baptism water of Mother Mary Church to be bottled

Two spring water sources, one is hot and one is cold, exist in Zeytinliada. AA photo

Plans are underway to bottle cold spring water believed to heal skin and eye diseases from the village of Zeytinliada, which is home to the Mother Mary Church.

Excavations have been underway for the last six years in Zeytinliada in the northwestern province of Balıesir’s Erdek to turn the island into Turkey’s first Arcaheopark Island Museum.

The Mother Mary Church had a history dating back some 1,500 years, said head of the excavations Professor Nurettin Öztürk. “The church, which is known as the greatest church in the world, has not been completely unearthed yet. Excavations have recently ended and works will continue in the summer months.”

Two water sources

According to Öztürk, a water channel had been found under the Zeytinliada Island. “There are two spring water sources under the island, one is hot and one is cold. It has been found that [the water] heals skin and eye diseases. We also have strong proof that this water was used during baptism ceremonies hundreds of years ago. Also, the island served as an island quarantine at the time of the Ottoman Empore. Those who had serious health problems were brought to this island,” Öztürk said.
For many years people have believed the water under Zeytinliada contained healing effects, Öztürk said. “Many people come to the island by boat and take this water. We have a health report that [says] this water is really healing, it cures some diseases. Now we will find the bed of hot water and take advantage of it. We also plan to bottle the cold water and sell it. Such a potential should be evaluated.”