Baklava on golden tray up for sale

Baklava on golden tray up for sale

Baklava on golden tray up for sale

A kilogram of baklava made on a golden tray in a patisserie in Turkey’s southern province of Kahramanmaraş is up for sale for a total of 2.5 million Turkish Liras ($176,000).

Two 24-carat gold trays, one weighing nearly 3,000 grams and the other 500 grams, were prepared in a jewelry workshop in the city.

Baklava and another dessert, called bülbülyuvası, prepared with sugar syrup were cooked on the trays which were brought to a patisserie from the workshop.

The prepared baklava is being offered for a price of 2.5 million liras and the bülbülyuvası for 500,000 liras ($35,000).

“Kahramanmaraş is a province of jewelers and a city that produces and processes gold. We received such a request. We wanted to show both jewelry and sweetness as much as our neighboring provinces,” Cafer Nalçacı, a business official said.

The patisserie will continue to produce desserts on gold trays in line with demand.