‘Baby kidnapping’ claims in Turkish hospital to be investigated

‘Baby kidnapping’ claims in Turkish hospital to be investigated

‘Baby kidnapping’ claims in Turkish hospital to be investigated

An investigation has been launched into a hospital in the southern province of Adana after 11 people applied to the authorities stating that their babies born in the hospital were given to other families many years ago.

According to the Adana Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, 11 people said the hospital authorities wrongly told them that their babies had died and actually they gave them to other people.

“An investigation has been launched after allegations about babies being given to people other than their families at the Adana Meydan Maternity Hospital between 1980 and 1990,” the statement released from the prosecutor’s office read, adding that 11 people applied with the same or similar claims.

The statement said the prosecutor’s office ordered police to investigate the claims, obtain information and documents, collect testimonies and apprehend the suspects if evidence emerges of a crime committed.

In addition, a notice was also sent to the Adana Governor’s Office, asking the authorities to share the results of preliminary examinations into public officials who were on duty in the hospital.

“The process of searching for and obtaining documents in the hospital’s archive and in the municipality sources regarding the burial procedures of babies said to be dead is ongoing,” the statement said.

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