Baby found after reported missing during quakes

Baby found after reported missing during quakes

Baby found after reported missing during quakes

A baby who was reported missing during the devastating quakes in Hatay has been found alive.

The baby’s parents, Nergis and Cumali Bakkaylı, were thrilled to find their 7-month-old baby Masal alive and healthy.

It was revealed that Masal was first transferred to Mersin and then to Konya for treatment.

Hospital staff in Konya reached out to the family looking for their baby.

Baby Masal, who was born prematurely and had a hemorrhage in her brain, was under treatment at a hospital in Hatay when the earthquakes struck.

Following the quakes, she was transferred from the damaged hospital to Mersin City Hospital and then to Selçuk University Medicine Faculty Hospital.

It was reported that Masal reached 4 kilograms and regained her health with treatment in neurosurgery and neo-natal service.

The father, Cumali Bakkaylı, said they were ecstatic when they received the good news about their baby as they were having trouble trying to find her due to their financial struggles.

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